XBS Smooth Hair straightener cream

If Straight Is What You Desire!

Straight hair give you that killer look!


XBS Professional Smooth Straight Hair Straightener Cream with XBS neutralizer 

For Professional Use Only

How does it feel when you run your fingers through smooth straight hair? That feeling is out of the world, and you would go to any extent to maintain your hair. But real life kicks in hard and you are faced with the task of managing your hair that gets lifeless and dull with exposure to pollution, dirt, and sun-rays. This is where the XBS Professional Smooth Straight comes in. This cream works wonders for your tired and dull hair, and keratin treatment treats your hair to the core. It tames the frizz and makes your hair stand straight. It adds shine to the hair and makes them feel smooth. 

Hair Straightener Cream for Dry Frizzy Hair 

When your hair is exposed every day to the harsh weather, maintaining it becomes a challenge. A good shampoo and conditioner will not work effectively for hairs that are spoilt from the roots. What is needed is XBS Professional Smooth Straight that nourishes your hair and adds instant shine to them. This is so formulated to be light and non-sticky. It does not weigh your hair down. This is designed with the best ingredients to ensure that your hair stays smooth hair throughout the day. 

Hair Straightener Cream for Nourishing the Hair

Many-a-times, you will have a bad hair day. Applying XBS Professional Smooth Straight will solve your problems. It will give you hair that is satin smooth and completely frizz free. It adds shine and seals the moisture while smoothing the hair cuticles. The rough and damaged strands are straightened with immense improvement in your hair texture. 

XBS Professional Smooth Straight is economical, and a little goes a long way in managing your hair throughout the day. 

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