XBS natural black hair color


BLACK Is the EverGREEN! 

XBS Professional Permanent Hair Beauty Color Cream – Natural Black A1

The evergreen hair dye color is natural black! Sorely overlooked, but stunning, the natural black hair toner is something that you cannot go wrong with. If you are in to trend a gorgeous jet-black hair this season, try the XBS Professional Permanent Hair Beauty Color Cream- Natural Black A1, and believe us, you will get the ultimate black mane. This cream is bound to give you black hair that shines and is full of life. 

Cover All Your Greys with This Natural Black Shade

The XBS Professional Hair Color Cream- Natural Black shade is for all those women who are out on a mission to cover all their grey hair. This color cream gives a rich and radiant look to the hair. It gives 100% grey coverage on even the most stubborn grey hair. It is infused with Almond Oil and Olive Oil that deep conditions and nourishes the hair. It has no ammonia or traces of it which otherwise makes the hair excessively dry and dull. Moreover, this is a cream-based formula that is easy to apply and does not drip. It leaves you with a hair that is soft and smooth.   

Natural Black Hair Color for Lustrous Locks that Shine

Most of the other hair colors make your hair dry and eventually your hair becomes weak and starts breaking. But the XBS Professional Permanent hair Beauty Color Cream- Natural Black stands out from the rest because it has the Kera-chromatics technology that prevents the hair follicles from becoming weak and falling. So be assured that your hair stays protected with our hair color cream. Also, the infused oils nourish your hair and give life to them. 

Remember, if you are to select a natural black shade for your hair, it ought to be XBS Professional Permanent Hair Beauty Color Cream- Natural Black A1

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