XBS GARNET red permanent hair color



Red is the color of boldness. When you don the red color in your hair, it is a bold style statement. You show to the world that you are a badass! No one can overpower you! You are confident and brilliant. No one can stop you from making your choices!

The COLOR of your BEAUTY -- XBS GARNET RED Permanent Hair Beauty Color Cream

With XBS, you can get the perfect color that cares! After all, your beauty is your color!


XBS Professional Permanent Hair Beauty Color Cream – Garnet Red A9

Red rules the hue-shades every time. When in doubt over which hair color to choose from, try the XBS Professional Permanent Hair Beauty Color Cream- Garnet Red A9 that is sheer brilliance. This vivacious red tone is subtle yet dashing and it surely complements all skin tones. 

Garnet Red – For Those Wanting the Perfect Shade

Our XBS Professional Hair Color Cream- Garnet Red is enriched with Almond Oil and Olive Oil that conditions the hair and leaves it smooth and silky. This color cream has the Kera-chromatics technology that imparts color to every strand of your hair. It does not damage your hair like other hair beauty creams. It gives 100% grey coverage and stays on for weeks together. It is ammonia-free, and be assured that it does not make your hair dull or dry. This hair color cream blends easily with your hair color and imparts shine and glossiness. 

Garnet Red to Perk up Your Hair Color

The XBS Professional Hair Color Cream- Garnet Red is all you need to look glamorous. The color lasts long and delivers a rich and vibrant tone. It does not have any harsh chemicals that may spoil your mane. Our hair color conditions your hair while coloring it. This color cream is easy to use, and gives you a salon-like silky hair. The natural radiance of your hair is kept intact. If you are in for a luxurious look, then you have to try this Garnet Red Hair Color Cream that will provide you with an intense multidimensional shade. 

Glam up by several notches with our XBS Professional Permanent Hair Beauty Color Cream- Garnet Red A9, and look ravishing with your illuminated and glossy locks that sure will make your day!

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